A Musical Podcast

Starring Jonathan Groff & Jessie Shelton
Written/Directed/Composed by Ellen Winter & Chris Littler
Produced by Two Up

Photo by Alison Grasso

Photo by Alison Grasso

"Can this work?... Let's FIND OUT."

About a year and a half ago, I got a phone call from Chamber Band collaborator/expert story-teller, Chris Littler, that was one of those "are you sitting down for this" conversations. He'd been approached by Two Up, Skip Bronkie and Zack Akers, to write a podcast musical about a married couple who use the 36 Questions to save their marriage. He asked if I'd be into writing/directing/composing this with him. People had tried making musical podcasts before, but it hadn't quite been cracked yet. So my answer was, in-so-many words, "Absofruitly, 100% yes, I'm in."

After a pilot, countless no-sleep nights of writing, and dozens of songs, we are getting ready to launch full force. Along the way we brought in every member of Chamber Band and the Chamber Fam to help us make this thing - and with the talents of Jonathan and Jessie, this story of truth, identity, and heart-wrenching connection took shape.